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Tomohisa & Takumi Toy Together

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Tomohisa, in the white, and Takumi, wearing blue, are definitely "in" for the night. These two hot JapanBoyz.com twinks enjoy the touch of a boy, and toy for everyone's pleasure. Kissing and fondling, by the time the underwear comes off, both are hard and horny. Quietly, Takumi bends over and takes his partner into his mouth; Tomohisa's reciprocity is equally delightful.

With the sensation of being fingered, Tomohisa is on all fours and "opening up" for his partner. Using an anal toy, Takumi slides it into his boy before being blown and "entered" as well. Together the two work themselves onto this "double-headed" stimulator before jerking. Stroking their cocks and close, Takumi blows first, streaming to his chest. Tomohisa then pools around his groin; they lie silent, still intertwined.