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Pumping Draco

In the gym, Draco is here today to "pump you up;" his hard MMA body serves him well, and is a sexy sight to see. As requested by our StraightMenXXX.com members, this dragon is going to show you the ropes of what it takes to "cum-mit." Back in the studio, he gets more comfortable and we get more of him, "peachy cheeks" and all. Normally, Draco keeps a shorn profile but I asked that he present himself "full fur" for you.

Working up a sweat, and a bulge, Draco takes some time to gives us a "full workout;" he likes to edge before adding some "buzz" to the routine. He also lubes up his finger to make sure he works "all" his parts. Stimulating himself, "with the ladies," Draco gets close and gives more than a "warning shot" as he blasts up to his chest; looks like this hard body is running in perfect condition.