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Mitch Meets Cassidy

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When the director called me, I told him I was gay; I wondered why he would pay me to be on StraightMenXXX.com. He said he had a new guy, straight, named Mitch who wanted to get into the business. Being only his second time, he thought I could help him out with a "job." Lying on the bed naked, I start on Mitch, he's a bit stiff, but not in a good way; yep, he's straight.

After a while though, I feel him pushing his dick up to my mouth; now he's good to go. Using my hands and pie hole, he gets a bit dominant and stands to face fuck me; now, I am good to go. Lying back down to shoot, Mitch grabs his dick and oozes out down his shaft and hand. We'll see just how "cum-mitted" this straight boy is; he's about to blow me. Cassidy is the other model in this video.