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Toys & Boys: Gag Me

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Robin got all the guys together to play a little game; one that would bring our bond closer while expanding our sexual horizons. It was Tex's turn to choose a partner and he chose me. I don't know Tex very well but this was my chance to explore my deepest and kinkiest fantasy. There were 3 choices left: handcuffs, a butt plug, and a gag. I went for the gag.

No one would expect this from me but I've always secretly wanted to be gagged. Tex would be the perfect guy to experiment with. I love the feeling of having someone in control. He strapped it on and started pounding my ass, but I couldn't scream out in ecstasy. It was a thrilling sensation that I will never forget.

You may want to try this at home after watching this episode of "Toys and Boys: Gag Me" featuring Tex and Lenin Stone.