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Jay's Big Adventures

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Jay's originally from China and is here to study music, and hot guys. At 21, he believes he's gay; he likes to bottom but can top. For him, "bigger is always better, but when a guy really knows how to use his dick, that's the best." Enjoying a local resort, Jay meets Rave Hardick; Rave's here for "work." Curious about the industry, Jay wants to try. Checking with his guy at GayAsianNetwork.com, Rave gets the okay to bring him along. The two look great together as the crew keeps the photo shoot fun with some "experiences" they've had.

Now it's time to see if Jay can do a solo; photos are one thing, but a real "shoot" takes talent. On the bed, Jay relaxes and gives an awesome show with real enthusiasm; this Asian hottie definitely enjoys the work. Adding a sneak peek when I get he and Rave together, let's just say that Rave's "wand" really "works its magic" on Jay's hole.