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Khan & Son Blow

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Damn, I love when my phone sounds off with that unique JapanBoyz.com ring tone; they're calling for my cock. Today I am paired with a new model named Son. From the beginning, I am lost in his lips; he definitely knows how to kiss a boy. Reaching down and undressing him, I also work on his sensitive nipples; Son moans softly as his dick slides into my mouth. Watching me as I suck him, he soon reciprocates.

Lying back I again enjoy those lips, this time on my cock. Together we intertwine and 69; he is such a cute twink. Face fucking him, I get him to take more of my cock. Close, I then blow onto his face; his tongue comes out for a taste. My large load has dropped all over the boy. Time for Son to cum; I suck then he tugs until he says he is cumming. Leaning in, I get the scent of his jizz as he oozes out and smears my face. Khan is the other model used in this film.