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Jay's Big Adventures: Episode Two

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Jay checks in with Rave after the "shoot." The two use a sling set up, ready to dirty. Jay takes a knee, sucking the huge cock; he gets a, "good boy," for the full swallow. Strapping Jay in, it's now Rave's turn to take a knee; the taste of Jay's hole and the sensation of fingering the boy has this magician ready to make some "tasty" magic for GayAsianNetwork.com.

Wrapping it in a magnum, Rave lubes up and does a bit more gauging; he then pushes in and immediately gives the boy goosebumps. Using the ebb and flow of the machine, it looks like Mr. Hardick has found a perfect bottom for his cock. The two get lost in the motion when suddenly, Jay starts dripping then shooting out precum; holy shit, Jay's response to being fucked has Rave amazed. Going a bit fast, Rave edges and pulls out just in time to cover Jay's groin with loads of jizz. Rave gives a, "damn you're hot."