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Tyler's Job On John

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Working in the StraightMenXXX.com office now and shooting scenes, today I get called in to help John. The last time he was here, the scene was shit; I don't even think we paid him. Now, he says he has to have some money and he will do whatever. On salary, everyone jokes and says, "Tyler, your mouth is always on call." I go down on John and stiffen him quick; I tell him, it's all in the suction. John then tugs on me and puts his lips to my hard dick; he's not bad. As we trade off, we move to the bed; John unloads on my chest. I then lie back and tug as he rubs on me; hell, I guess this is not such a bad gig. I only wished I had known I'd be doing this scene; I wouldn't have jacked off in the shower this morning.