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Manabu #FirstTimeBottoming!

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I am nervous, very nervous. I agreed to bottom for Reiji and as his cock grows, I can feel just how big he is. Working on my nipples helps as Reiji keeps sucking and playing with them; being straight, I will need extra attention. As he puts my dick into his mouth I can tell he does know how to suck a dick. And when he takes off his underwear he confirms just what I thought; Reiji has a big dick. I suck on him a little before he works on me, and then fingers my hole. The director jokes with us about how Reiji is up and ready to go; for me, it's about how I seem to enjoy the ass play. By the time Reiji slips on a condom, he has worked two fingers in; the sensation is a bit strange, but it does not hurt. Next time, you will see me take a dick for the first time; I hope it feels like his fingering.