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Cory Michaels: A Service Boy

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With all the shit I deal with, getting to nut is something I do multiple times a week; getting money for it is new, but I'm down. Showering, I lather up as the water heats up my body. I don't usually tell people I'm Bi, but the guys in my Unit are cool. The videographer keeps looking at my ass, like it's a meal. On my knees, I pull out his thick dick and stroke both of ours. Bending me over, he lubes up his fingers and works his way in; first pressure, then pleasure.

It's been a long time since I got fucked; just keep breathing I tell myself. The guy's so fuckin' thick, it does take me a while to open up, but he is hitting the spot. As the sensation changes, I can't help but moan; damn, the girth on this guy. Grabbing my cock, I grow as he pounds and tweaks my nipples. In the zone, I edge while the videographer pulls out and blows on my groin; now it's my turn. Tugging quickly, I tighten my body and the load spurts out; it's pretty thick but, like I told you, it's been a while. This hot Director's Cut for SDBoy.com of Cory Michaels will definitely have you nutting too.