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Kai & Gabe: Our Bond

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Although we don't live together, and we have other partners, when Gabe and I connect, the bond is palpable; our bodies know one another so well over the years. Gabe loves to suck my dick and once he gets his mouth around my hole, there's nothing that feels as good, except when he slides that thick meat inside. I normally prep really well for our time together, but, I didn't have time to properly gauge my hole with a large enough dildo. He tries to go in; I'll need to sit on it for a while. Gabe's reaction as I take in every inch is one reason I so enjoy him; he really looks like a kid in a candy store as I bounce up and down.

Using his cock fully, Gabe pounds me without restraint; he's just so hard and horny. By the time he goes in from behind me, my cock is starting to grow and edge. All of the times we have been together, he will soon want me on my back so that he may see my face. Within minutes, I am feeling his hot cum dripping onto my chest and nipples. Excited to see what I produce, Gabe kneels over me while I release. As I have said before, I know that I will marry a woman, but I will always have Gabe in my life as well. Kai is the bottom in this sensual GayAsianNetwork.com video.