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Ken Ott: Stroking Up Some Sun!

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Sitting down with StraightMenXXX.com, I'm getting back into the gym, and industry. I have lost some mass, but I know with some "hard work," I'll get it back. Having time on my hands with the knee injury, I did a lot of traveling; just went around checking out Europe. It's like the way I started in the industry, simply hanging out and being open to new experiences. Up for a solo, I just enjoy sex and connecting with the fans so, hope you will "cum" along.

Out in the desert, I do my part and water the flowers, naturally. Into music, I turn it on and up for you; what would you say is my best feature? Okay, I am showing off, but it's all in good fun. Stroking my cock, it does feel good to just let it all hang out. Pulling my foreskin over the head, I let the sun shine down and the dirty thoughts come in. Very much a nipple guy, the sensation goes right to my cock. In the zone, I lean back against a rock and shoot for a release. Close, I call it as I flow down my shaft; I hope that looks as good as it felt.