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A Banana For Manabu

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Eating at a local Sakura Blossom Festival, Kinjiro and I enjoy the view. The director asks me, "did you know Kinjiro likes bananas?" There's always a way to "slip in" a good joke. Back at the apartment, Kinjiro and I get ready for some fun. Wow, he sure has a way with his mouth and hands; guys who "like bananas" usually do. Removing my underwear, Kinjiro gets me up and wet. Reaching between his legs, I feel his boner through his underwear; Kinjiro takes them off and moves to my mouth. Sucking on him, he moans, "feels good."

While Kinjiro's mouth swallows my cock, he fingers my hole then readies himself to work his "banana" in me. Thrusting and rolling me up, he is a very good top; I feel him deep inside as we change positions. Riding atop, I get close and we separate to tug. We both cum pretty fast; I glob, but Kinjiro shoots to my neck. The bottom in this tasty scene is Manabu for JapanBoyz.com.