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Fit To Be Tied & Stroked!

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Even though I haven't worked at JapanBoyz.com for long, I am now the returning model; I am paired with Taku, who is new. Eyeing the boy, seems we both enjoy a "bonding" fetish. Taking off his shirt, Taku's roping goes into his pants; I must investigate further. This boy has a nice cock; Taku comes up quickly while I suck. After some lubed play, it's my turn to be blown.

Taku's playful tongue works my head then down my shaft; he doesn't swallow, but it still feels good. Docking our cocks, we are both about the same size. Lying down to 69, each of us fills our mouth; I then stroke to finish him. Quietly, he pants, thrusts his hips forward and blasts onto the table. Now my turn, Taku uses both his hands for some great sensations; I stream onto the table. Keiji is the other model in this sexy video.