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Fucked For Life: Director's Cut

You guys get to see what I have anytime I want, Christopher's big thick cock. Loving his muscles, I work my way south to my favorite one; Christopher is already hard. In this Director's Cut film for SDBoy.com, we just do what we always do, fuck. Working my way onto his cock, my hole opens while he guides me down. As Christopher thrusts up, he knows he can have me any way he wants. I give him a, "fuck my ass," feeling his body pushed up against me.

Christopher's cock is all the way in, no matter what the position, he always makes sure I am enjoying myself. Getting hot and sweaty, I know he is close; we pull apart and jerk. He cums first, then me. The sensations I have with him are like no one else's; he is my partner. Seth is Christopher's life-long "other half."