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High-Energy Head!

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Paired with new model Hiroki, I like the energy he brings to the set; he leans in for a kiss and doesn't stop until we've blown. Laying him back, I can see and feel this boy is ready; his stiffening uncut dick slides into my mouth. Tasting his glistening head, Hiroki whimpers with delight. Replying with his own oral skills, he sucks my hard nipples before he takes in my big head. Fuck, what a mouth; his tongue and hands are all over me and he uses both so well. Pushing my legs above me, he starts rimming; I love a good lick. Moving into a 69 position, we both get what we want; Hiroshi's finger continues to palpate my ass.

Somehow, we end up with Hiroki wrapping his legs around my thighs; he pulls me in for another sensual enveloping kiss. Above him, I look on as his whimpers turn into begging for my fully engorged cock to face fuck him; Hiroki has such a way of arousing all within me. I try to reach back, but his hand brushes me away; he wants all the energy to be focused on my cock. Edging me over and over, he resists my advances and rolls me to my back. Using both his hands and mouth, it is not long before my, "I like this sensation," turns into, "I'm close." Blowing everywhere, I soon realize that Hiroki is cumming too; we splash and pool on my groin and torso. Hiroki is an awesome model; the intensity and satisfaction he gives is amazing. The other passionate model for JapanBoyz.com is Takeru.