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This Shits Weird

I can't believe I'm here doin' this shit with Erick. In the same Frat at college, we've been challenged to suck each other and film it; Erick figured we might as well make a few bucks as well as "memories." He said his gay friend knew a site we could use; setting it up with StraightMenXXX.com, he and I are now on a couch and about to blow one another. This shit is weird. Holy hell, where did Erick learn to suck like this; I'm up fast and thinking he's better than my girlfriend. The closer I get the more eager he seems to be; I lay back and while he licks my nuts, I blow my load.

The director has us move to the bed; weird, the guy gives Erick a look, and they both chuckle. Sucking his dick, Erick seems very excited, I think he was hard even before I started. So as I continue, the director tells me to move around Erick and suck his nuts while stroking his nipples; we are going to have a good laugh with the other guys later. All the sudden, this shit gets real; Erick starts moaning and shoving his cock in my mouth. As I pull back and stroke him, he thrusts his hips and nuts like crazy; he hits his face, pillow and wall. I feel like I may have been set up or something. The straight model is Raymond; as for Erick's proclivities, I told him I would not comment, but he did say "thank you" when they left.