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Shave N' Cream

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Returning home, I see Nadeko is still sleeping; she is so cute when she cuddles up. Being away for a week, I offer to clean her up; she likes having a tight hole and a shorn groin for me. Rubbing her soft skin and tweaking her hard nipples, I do need to remove the fuzz. Lathering her up, I then use a straight razor to get her nice and clean on GayAsianNetwork.com. In the bed and spread, Nadeko coos while I use the warm washrag on her front and bottom; she enjoys my touch. Done with the front, she flips over on all fours; I use a bit of cream to do Nadeko's hole properly. After she is as shorn as a baby, I rube on some lube and play a bit; her dick rises quickly. Lying on her back, Nadeko stretches out for a tug and gets her hand messy.