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Kevin Unloads, Twice!

Calling up SDBoy.com for some cash, the cameraman said he would help me out with my solo; I've never done anything on camera before. Stroking in bed, I feel my hole getting hungry; my finger starts to explore. Legs spread and pumping my hole, the cameraman asks if I need some help. It's been a while since anyone else has "been in there," but I agree. Alternating his fingers, he works my hole and comments how tight I am; I haven't been fucked in a long time. Again with an offer, I unzip the guy's pants and begin to suck.

I notice he's really thick with a large head; we'll see if this works. On my back and feeling the pain, I wince and then the pressure turns to pleasure. As he goes faster, I feel myself edge; damn that cameraman is a talented fucker. Close, I stroke then blow. Following my lead, the guy pulls out and unloads on me. For SDBoy.com, we have Kevin and his solo along with a lot of extra footage, including and additional cum shot; enjoy.