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Masaru & Yuji: Revin' Up!

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I can't believe I get to have fun with Yuji today; most of the time, I'm in school or at home playing video games. The one kinky thing I like to do is streak and jerk off at the local train station. Horny as hell, I hear the rhythm of the locomotives and it just makes me horny as hell.

Here with Yuji, we trade jobs and then 69 to taste one another; he has a nice size cock. Lying against me, he releases a good sized load; I need to invite him to the train station with me. Standing, Yuji then helps me "blow my whistle." Masaru is a quiet young nerd; it's these types of boys who can rev things up on JapanBoyz.com. Don't forget to "cum aboard" and rate the models.