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Happy Ending For Two

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Heading into my appointment with Jes, I can tell he really works his body hard. Using my hands to relieve his aches, I see he has a nice big uncut cock, just like I like them. By the time I wrap my mouth around his shaft, we are both ready to "deepen" the massage. Teasing Jes, I get naked and go back to rubbing; soon, I am jerking myself as well.

Sitting atop Jes, I dock our cocks; the mutual nipple play has us both edging. Complying with Jes request to see my hole, I turn, and bend over, sucking, while his fingers explore. Getting close, we jerk one another before I take over. Jes spreads his legs and wraps them around my hips; his cock reddens and swells. Shooting up to his chest, Jes has quite the load; I follow with a pooling of my own atop his. Kanata has got some great skills, making him "quite popular" and an excellent model for JapanBoyz.com.