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Since Fuji's return, I can't keep my hands, or mouth, off of him. Wearing a bit of leather to arouse, I work Fuji's dick up while his hands wander. Releasing my bulge, this boy has me already hard; his cat-like licks feel amazing. Wrapping that warm mouth around my dick, I then follow with rimming him. Intertwined, his tongue soon finds my hole; his hands free my bindings.

Surrendering myself to him, I lie on my back, legs spread, willing to enjoy whatever Fuji does. Lubing up a couple of fingers and stretching me, he then works his cock in. Thrusting his hips in and out, Fuji slides deeper inside. With me already getting hard, his "massaging from the inside" technique is perfect. Fuji puts me in several positions before we blow our loads. Both creamy and abundant, Fuji does bring out the best in me. Manabu was thrilled to be paired with Fuji; the chemistry these two have is very intense here on JapanBoyz.com.