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Breaking In the New Year

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Having intercourse with a guy for the first time, I wanted someone who knew what they were doing. I've messed around, but now I wanted to be fucked. I called up JapanBoyz.com to see if I could be paired with Fuji. Meeting him, I was just so shy, he's so cute and friendly. After a chat, he takes over and sucks me; I was nervous I couldn't get hard, but there was no problem. Fuji is already hard when I put my lips on him; what a beautiful cock. Lubing up his fingers, my partner puts me on my back and at ease; he works in a couple of fingers. The sensation is much more pleasurable when someone else does it for you.

Sliding in, Fuji goes very slowly at first; his large cock feels great from the start. Giving me many different positions, Fuji's expertise is apparent; I am in awe of his abilities. Going back to a missionary style, Fuji now pounds me like a rabbit and I like it, a lot. That action has him blowing his load on me; he then strokes me off, which doesn't take that long. My cum is much thicker than usual; Fuji felt so good. Toshiya is new to our site; he'll be back for more boys.