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Be My Valentine

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I love having sex with guys; their bodies pressed against mine, our cocks hardened by the warmth of one another. I had no idea my first photos session would be with a teddy bear, wearing wings and a loin cloth that keeps rolling up. The photographer keeps me focused; I feel a bit silly. When he shows me the results, I'm amazed and aroused. For my first time doing a scene with another model, Zack Randall says he'll fuck me; I swipe my hand over his cock, and it's big.

By the pool, I invite Zack to come and enjoy me; he loves the spread. I'm trying to forget the camera, and just let Zack take the lead; sucking in a 69 position, my mouth and throat are filled with him. Eating my ass, I can tell his cock is not the only long thing. Zack's hard thick cock is so big, I first ride him to get used to the sensation; he goes slowly. Once I am open, his thrusting deepens and intensifies. On my back, Zack grabs my thighs to pull me closer; within a few minutes, he pulls off the condom and showers me with his cum. Licking some of what he has blown on me, I can tell he enjoyed my ass. Now it's my turn; I'm a bit nervous. Thinking back to Zack fucking me, I harden and shoot incredibly hard; I haven't blown like that in a long time. Zack goes down and laps up. We finish in the shower; damn, what a day!