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Tony To Jet

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Kye's back; he's got more tattoos and is less about monogamy. Hookin' up with Jet, Kye believes that blondes can have more fun, as long as their sucking deep and have a willing "attitude." First to get fucked, Kye sits down onto Jet's dick and goes to town. Jet takes the hint and is all over Kye's proposition.

Moving to the shower, it's Kye's turn to do Jet right, both here and on the bed. On their knees, Kye thrusts from behind and picks up the pace while the boys go into a missionary stance. Jet can't help but blow a huge load as his ass is filled with Kye. Pulling out, Kye also streams a nice one; seems this "rebound" was rather productive for both SDBoy.com models.