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Kaoru and Tomohisa's First Date

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When Kaoru comes by, Tomohisa is already waiting on the couch for him. They know each other only through watching each others' videos, so at first they are a bit shy and polite. But sexual attraction drives any awkwardness away as Tomohisa sees Kaoru's stiff cock and happily dives in to taste it.

They stand up to kiss and feel the heat of their dicks between their hard young bodies. Now it's Kaoru's turn as they ease down to the bed. He licks his new friend's balls then moves in to flick a tongue across Tomo's sensitive hole. Lubing up a finger, he thrills as Tomohisa's ass responds to every touch. They are both ready to fuck, and Tomo rests his legs across Kaoru's arms to welcome him inside. Still wearing his underwear, Kaoru's muscular ass bobs up and down as he plow's deep into his buddy's butt. So turned on, Tomohisa rides Kaoru's throbbing cock and explodes on his tight abs, then strokes Kaoru deftly until he too spurts a thick, happy load.