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Late Night S&M Sexxx Game

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When horny Asian boy Levy Foxx sees the big ring in Dom Ty's cock, he knows he's in for something a little kinky. He greedily begins to suck and worship the long thick cock, then tall, red-haired Dom offers to take out the piercing so they can "have some real fun".

Out come the blindfold and cuffs, and Levy obediently plays submissive young cocksucker. Dom Ty lets him feel the sharp whack of a paddle on his butt to work up an appetite for more. Ty is ready now to give him a tough ride. He lets Levy's ass open up to his dick, then pumps hard and intently. Levy groans in delight as Ty pulls out to spurt a creamy load, then releases his own well-earned cum cannon. This is a sexxx game where everybody wins.