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Riku Mounts Fuji

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Riku and Fuji meet up for their horny date, and break the ice by stripping naked and changing into sleek black underwear. Just seeing each others' cocks gets them going, so they are quickly rubbing each others' crotches and smooching before they strip off the underwear again.

You can tell by his hungry cocksucking that Fuji wants Riku's dick badly. And as soon as Riku is rockhard and fuck ready, he spreads Fuji's thighs open and dives in to taste his tight hole. That mouth is followed by a finger, and then Riku is deftly rolling on a condom and easing into Fuji's hot ass.

Right from the start Riku is energetic in his fuck rhythm. To Fuji it feels like a fuck and a vibrator in one as his ass gets pounded at Riku's fast pace. He wraps his legs tight around his buddy and settles in to enjoy the ride.

Now it's Fuji's turn to take charge, and he climbs on to ride Riku's hard-charging love pole. The furious pace doesn't let up for a minute, and Fuji finds himself crying out in unbridled pleasure. His load shoots out at that same fast and furious speed. Seeing Fuji's creamy wad covering his belly, Riku can't hold back either, and pulls out to splatter Fuji's chest with a juicy splash of hot musky manjuice.