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Ken Ott's First Photo Shoot

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Gorgeous Filipino-American model Ken Ott is a top star in the gay adult industry today, but just a couple years ago he was just learning his way around the camera. His long, lean body, seductive stare and perfect cock give him all the raw materials, but a little coaching makes that "diamond in the rough" into a sultry dreamboy.

He starts the photoshoot tentative and unsure, but with some verbal guidance he learns to hit his marks and strike the hottest. sexiest poses in every kind of look from sporty singlet to naughty harness. Ken's smooth butt is a wonder to behold, his crack lined with soft downy hair around the hole. He kneads his muscle ass in his strong hands and pumps his hips till we're all dreaming of fucking this hot young stallion. Then he turns over and mounts a clear fleshlight sex toy, fucking his beautiful dick into its slick hole.

When Ken gives an intense look with his innocent dark eyes, watch out! Even as a raw student he has the power to drive men mad and raise dicks till they throb. Ken grinds his pelvis as his stroking hand pushes to the point of no return. His balls tighten and prepare to fire off, his abs flex and pulse, and his dick erupts in a hot juicy wad of cum. Drenched in sperm, this incomparably sexy model passes the first test with flying colors.