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A Fashion Show & Jerk

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John is a dark sexy Filipino and combines the smoldering sexuality of our best Latin models and the gorgeous aesthetics and lean, smooth physique of our top notch Asian guys. In the shower he gives us a first look at his muscular body and perfect cock, then steps out to choose what hot undies show off his whole package to its best advantage.

John does a little fashion show, making sure every stitch of clothes are smooth, perfectly hot and camera ready. His see through fishnet undies and gold lame laceup shorts make quite a dick-raising impression, and seasoned performer and star student Rave is there as stylist and onhand fluffer. He can't help giving John's hard butt cheeks an appreciative smack when they're packed into a skintight, formfitting shiny black singlet.

All that underwear modeling has John ready for bed, where he stretches out and gets to work on his dick. He rolls over and gives us a taste tempting closeup of his perfectly mounded bronze ass. Now his cock is rock hard and ready to stroke for the camera. His ass gives a sexy little pump while his dick responds to the smooth glide of his hand.

He pumps and fucks his dick into a clear fleshjack, and the cameraman catches the perfect shot from every angle. Soon he has to pull out to finish, and his heavy hard dick hovers on the edge of explosion. With one hand on his pubes framing his cock and the other deftly stroking, he's off and shooting. A creamy load drenches the taut muscles of his golden abs.