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Fuji Gives Saburo a Hot Hard Welcome

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Saburo is modeling for the first time, with experienced Fuji to help show him the way. He strips down the new guy to his briefs and gently strokes his crotch before getting him naked and letting the feel of his hot wet mouth give Saburo a rise. The oral attention works its magic and Saburo's dick begins to grow. While he strokes himself, Fuji moves in to lick his nuts.

More at ease now, Saburo reaches out to fondle Fuji's already stiff and impressive rod. He coaxes Fuji to bend over the foot of the bed so he can rim his smooth and tasty ass. They 69, and the spit glistens on Fuji's freshly licked hole. When Saburo stretches on his back, Fuji works a deft finger into his hole, then rolls on a condom to get ready for some real action. Slathering on the lube till his cock is extra slick, he eases in.

Saburo likes it fast and a little rough, so Fuji wastes no time giving it to him hard. Saburo spreads his legs out wide to open up wide to welcome Fuji inside, never letting up on jerking his own dick. He gets on his hands and knees so Fuji can drive it in hard and straight, then the turn over so Saburo can grind his ass down onto Fuji's pounding dick.

They're getting close, and Saburo starts beating Fuji off to see him erupt. Fuji smiles as he tosses back his head, twiddling his nip to work up to the ultimate sensation. He spurts a hot stream down his shaft and onto Saburo's beating fist.

Fuji licks and nibbles at Saburo's nipple while he jerks, and Saburo dribbles out a juicy load. They head for the showers to clean up after a hot first date.