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Shosei and Yamato's Shower Fun

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Lean, ripped Yamato scrubs boyish Shosei clean and gives him a sweet kiss as they rub their soapy crotches together in the shower. Yama's rippling abs and spiky little five o'clock shadow make him a butch counterpart to softer, sweet Shosei. But the butch young stud turns out to be the bottom in this matchup.

Moving their play into the bedroom, Yamato takes the lead. He dives down to suck Shosei's cock. As their hard young dicks rub together, Yamato lies back and lets Shosei stroke both cocks together in one hand. They 69 and fill their throats with each other's smooth hard dicks, then Shosei spreads Yamato's hairy legs to taste his musky ass. His moans let Shosei know that he would like more than a tongue in his hole.

Yama climbs on and straddles Shosei, taking his dick deep inside. The soft hairs around his cock and balls brush against and entangle Yamato's fuzzy ass. Shosei rolls them over and pumps his cock straight in while Yamato spreads his knees and wraps his ankles around him. Arms and legs entwined, the boys fuck intently as the outside world falls away.

Yamato kneels to jerk Shosei's slick hard cock in his face, and soon is rewarded with a juicy stream of sperm all over his face and chest. He lies back to let Shosei stroke a creamy load out of him, then the two sticky boys are ready to head back to the shower.