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Riku Gives it to Hairy Hideaki

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Lean, pale Riku starts making out with tawny, hairy twink Hideaki, who brushes the shaggy fringe back from his hair to stuff Riku's cock in his mouth. So horny they are going at it before they even take off their undies, Riku and Hideaki can't keep their hands or mouths off each other.

Hideaki has a nice long and straight piece, and it slides down Riku's throat like butter. Riku pulls the back of Hideaki's underwear to the side to dive his face into the fuzzy tight crack, and his fingers soon follow. Slicking his hole with lube, Riku wiggles his fingers inside the warm, wet hungry ass. Ready and raring, Hideaki positions himself right at the tip of Riku's tool, sits down to swallow it into his butt. Brushing his hair back as he rides, he braces his hands against Riku's knees as he gets that hard cock driven up his insides.

Riku wants a tighter connection and hikes Hideaki's thigh up onto his arm while he rams into the pulsing hole. Bobbing in and out quickly, he rides Hide's ass like a fuck machine. Then he changes angles and takes it slow and deep, getting ALL the way into his horny buddy. He pulls out and both boys start jacking for all they're worth. Hideaki spurts his load first, a thick creamy splatter all over his belly. He licks Riku's tight little nips to give him a charge, and Riku responds with a major gooey wad spraying all over his dick, hand and body.