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Fuji Rabbit Fucks Takumi

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Takumi is a bit formal in his starched dress shirt, and kisses Fuji awkwardly, but Fuji knows how to warm him up. Off comes the shirt and down the checked underwear, revealing a fully stiff prick ready to rumble. They trade turns sucking on each other's firm hard meat, and Fuji is careful to flick a finger across Takumi's nipple, knowing he likes that. While Takumi is relaxed and lying down, Fuji lubes up and inserts two fingers to get his hole ready to fuck. Maybe too ready, as Takumi opens up for four fingers with little effort.

A condom goes on and Fuji slathers lube onto his dick and Takumi's ready hole, slides on in and starts pumping fast. He's an ever-ready bunny with the power turned to high, a human dildo and vibrator in one tight boyish package. After a few minutes of high-speed hole rattling, Fuji lies down and lets Takumi do the work. Takumi rides the hard dick at a slow, sensuous pace, enjoying every inch.

But restless Fuji wants to take control and gets his way as usual. His high-speed fuck has Takumi on the edge in no time flat, so it's time for both young fuckers to beat off. Takumi takes charge of Fuji, milking out a huge gooey load that pools on his belly. Then it's Takumi's turn, and Fuji strokes him off with lightning speed till the cum sprays out like a rocket all the way to his chin and chest. Good, hard, fast work for two horny boys, who are off to the shower and soapy clean in no time.