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Introducing Kenshin

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Kenshin, the new model at Japanboyz, is shy and giggly. He beams with a big smile relating his details: gay, single, 20 years old, looking forward to having a boyfriend someday. He hasn't had sex with a guy for a month or masturbated in three days, so he's ready for some fun!

He caresses his body and tweaks his nipples a bit under his shirt, then shyly peels down his clothes. Lean and smooth, he has a nice long cock and firm round ass. He crouches on hands and knees to show his ass and begins jacking. He gets erect right away, with a juicy drop of precum crowning the moist pink head.

Kenshin pats his nuts with one hand and jerks with the other, his hand glides along the shaft of his thick meat. He massages his sensitive hole, plunges a finger in. His balls pull up tight, prepare to shoot off a three-day load. His hand speeds up and dick gets redder and rock hard. Big gobs of cum drizzle down the length of his cock and his sticky fist. Kenshin wipes off and says he looks forward to next time on camera. So do we...