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David Ace is a smart, trendy Chinese-American, John Rene a recent Filipino transplant. They tangle their smooth golden bodies together in gauzy morning light and slow motion, but soft romance soon comes back to the real world of manly, driven sex.

David wants desperately to feel the hot rush of scruffy dark John's thick cock inside him, and John lies back to let him ride. He grinds his butt against fuzzy pubes, feels John's straight hard member push up straight into him. John grabs his hips and guides his rod into the furthest recesses.

A slow sensuous fuck picks up speed and intensity, their bodies glow with heat and soft drops of perspiration. John rolls his buddy over onto his back, plows deep in, bobs his ass with each hard thrust. They can't hold back long, and their kisses and connection take them to the very edge. John has to pull out, spray a juicy splatter across David's taut abs. The heat and closeness pushes David into a creamy climax, adding his sperm to John's. They kiss deeply and settle into an embrace.