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Sex in the Arizona Wilds

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Two hot men can barely keep it in their pants while they hike through the wilds of spectacular Sedona. John Rene is a muscular, handsome Filipino and his hikemate JayCee is an All-American Californian with a thick muscled physique dotted with tattoos. They enjoy the vistas and find secluded spots to grab a kiss, grope or occasional mouthful of hot horny cock.

They are lucky to find a quiet hot tub where they can work out their desires in peace. They kiss deeply and with no anxiety, and John gives up his round, lean ass up to JayCee's mouth and then a nicely-lubed clear dildo. Hole opened and warmed up, John lets JayCee try to fit his big cock into that inexperienced ass. He's grinding his butt and obviously enjoying it, but can't hold on forever. John needs to jerk his cock to a juicy climax. When it erupts JayCee gets an unexpected faceful. Relaxed and satisfied, they pull on their hiking clothes and share one kiss before trudging on.