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Yamato Goes Deep into Takumi

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Yamato and Takumi are enjoying a high-rise view but can't resist kissing and making out. The two young guys drop to the bed and grind their crotches together. Adorably nerdy in his studious black glasses, Yamato deftly unbuttons Takumi's shirt and works down his jeans and underwear. He takes Takumi's cock into his hungry mouth and swallows it to the fuzzy root. Takumi returns the favor and undresses Yamato, paying special attention to the lean top's thick prick.

Both guys hard and naked, Yamato takes charge and spreads Takumi's legs to get in and rim his butt. He lubes his fingers and works them into Takumi, who moans his approval. Takumi is ready to take Yamato up his hole, but first carefully rolls a condom on to his buddy's raring cock. Yamato eases in and begins pumping, His speed is fast and aggressive, but he tenderly kisses Takumi as he plows in deep. They roll over so Yamato is pumping straight up into Takumi's waiting ass. They keep going even when they shift to a missionary position with Yamato pounding in furiously. Their heat rises to a boil and the two studs can't hold back now. Lying side by side, each strokes the other deftly, with Yamato teetering on the edge and finally spurting a thick juicy wad. Takumi breathes slowly and deeply as a load rumbles up from his nuts and shoots across his torso all the way up to his shoulder. Sticky dicks in hand, they kiss sweetly.