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Ke Zhou and Robert Pierce

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Ke Zhou and Robert Pierce are kissing and making out on the bench still in the clothes. With his white tennis shorts on, we already get a good idea of what's going to come out of Roberts shorts.

The next scene we see Ke Zhou sucking on Roberts balls as he strokes that monster and hear Robert teasing Ke Zhou with things like "like sucking on those balls", "want that big cock up your hole?"

Now both naked and laying back on the park bench, Ke Zhou continues to suck on Roberts cock as we listen to Robert continue his dirty talk. All the dirty talk and hot action is certainly getting Ke Zhou all hot and bothered as we see him stroking his hard cock.

Now Ke Zhou gets a taste of Roberts sweet hole and we hear Robert's tone of voice change to more of the "ah, fuck yeah" and "lick my hole." Robert reaches over and massages Ke Zhou's cock and balls and Ke Zhou does the same while rimming Robert.

Roberts turn to show Ke Zhou how he eats a sweet tight hole and turns Ke Zhou on end. While rimming Ke Zhou, Robert also strokes and sucks on his cock pulling it back between his legs so he can lick both his hole and his cock.

Wanting to loosen Ke Zhou up some more before massaging his prostrate with that big cock of his, Robert applies 1 finger, then 2, and a 3rd finger just for good measure. Putting on a white condom, we see Robert still has trouble getting it his cock into Ke Zhou's tight hole.

Where there's a will, there's a way and Robert finds the way! He positions himself over Ke Zhou and proceeds to pile drive his cock into that tight hole as we watch Ke Zhou jerk himself off. Although he's tight, we don't see a lot of grimacing on his face and seems to be enjoying the prostrate massage.

However, it isn't long before we see Ke Zhou lose control and blow his load all over his stomach and lick it off of his fingers. Robert decides to tea bag Ke Zhou while he jerks off and unloads a healthy load of cum all over Ke Zhou's face.