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Peter Phanh and Joey Vilardi

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Sensually, Peter Phah and Joey Vilardi explore one another, through touch and tongue. As the two caress, Joey pushes Peter back, allowing him to stroke Peter's dick. As their bodies rub together, Joey works Peter's nipples as well. Lavishing a few more kisses to Peter's torso, Joey then strokes his partner's dick, with his mouth. At AsianBoyNation.com, giving one another a hand is good, but a mouth and hole are so much better.

Covering every inch of Peter's dick, Joey twists his mouth and tongue to arouse his partner; deep throating Peter also heightens their pleasure. The camera pulls back to get both boys' bodies in full view, Peter's face expresses his delight in Joey's abilities. Caressing his partner's shoulders and back reinforces the oral skills of Joey.

Joey moves to a ladder, positions himself on a rung, and has Peter position himself on his dick. From the start, Joey is moaning and gasping, "take it, suck it." Close up, the camera films the action and reaction of these two hot boys; Peter also lavishes Joey's balls orally and tactually, before moving to his hole. Lapping and massaging Joey's anus has him all out of breathe quickly; he strokes his dick as Peter continues to eat his hole.

"Oh yes, yes," whines Joey as his partner works his long tongue into just the right spots. Joey is up and Peter wants him in. The two work together for a bit then find just the right way to move. "Oh fuck that's hot," moans Peter, as he receives all of Joey. "Oh yeah, take it," gasps Joey, thrusting in and out. Peter jerks himself while his partner pushes from behind. The two get closer to cumming; Joey asks, "do you like that?" "Oh yeah, give it to me," answers Peter.

Overhead, the two seem very happy with this pairing. As they fuck, Peter kisses his partner then repositions to a pile driver. Within minutes, Peter is sent over the edge and splashes himself with loads of cum; Joey is not far behind as he then shouts, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," and does so all over Peter. The jizz hits mouth to torso on Peter, as he smiles. Peter then wipes up the nectar of both of them and they go off to shower.