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Rain Warring and David Vasquez

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As the scene opens we find Rain Warring laying down on the exercise bench and David Vaszuez doing some spotting... on Rain's dick. After David gives Rain's cock a great "hand" massage along with some heavy duty "lip locks", Rain is feeling compelled to return the favor. David drops his shorts and Rain starts working David's cock while still laying back on the workout bench.

With both of the boys' cocks rock hard now, Rain sits up and works on David's pec's while David takes over working out his own cock. Enough of the laying down and Rain stands up so David can give his cock a good workout. The scene breaks way and now we see David giving Rains' ass a wonderful workout with his tongue while he strokes Rains' cock at the same time. Rain can't keep his mouth shut at this point as David works his hole. Now they switch it up and it's David's turn to get a good tongue & hole workout as we watch Rain rim David.

The boys decide they're ready to move on to the heavy workout exercises and David lays back on the workout bench as Rain mounts his hard cock. By the way, this is a highly recommended workout guys... really good for the leg muscles, buttocks and lower back :) To get the full maximum results, we do suggest alternating speeds between long deep thrusts and the faster short bursts as David demonstrates.

Changing positions, they boys stand up as David mounts Rain from behind and continues his demonstration of this great workout. We do want to caution you however. If you spend too much time on this workout, you may experience a loss of liquid from your body, in particular from the cock area as the boys demonstrate for us ;)