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Hot Salsa Twinks

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Joshua, the tattooed twink and his boyfriend Dylan, are settling in for a marathon of fucking. These SDBoy.com partners work each other over every which way; nice to see a pair that fit like a puzzle. Joshua starts out as the aggressor and will top first, but as things get going Dylan takes "his dog for a walk…down a dark tunnel."

With lots of sensual kissing and a place to play, settle in and stroke along; these two have stamina to share. Alternating sucking and exploring, both the boys know exactly where to place their hands, tongues, and fingers to get the other hot. It's nice to see a pairing of lovers who just keep going and going; Dylan seems to have the length down, "butt" don't count the girth of Joshua out; that boy was made for topping. As they take a taste of each other's "manhole," moans and whimpers of pleasure abound; bent over, Joshua does a bit of "calf worship" as well. Once Joshua slides in, he collapses his boy almost in half and plows away, much to the delight of Dylan. Stroking to stay hard, Dylan takes every inch of his buddy and waits for his own "entrance." Keep the lube handy, this "rodeo" ain't near finished; next video has Dylan eagerly topping his boy.