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Sex Club 442 Natoma: Boyz Day

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Sex Club 442 Natoma is a hot new spot in the city for guys to "cum" in and enjoy one another. Today is "Boyz Day," and only twinks are allowed. Hearing about the biggest and best AsianBoyNation.com has to offer, Coda Filthy wants a tour; luckily Drew Bacchae is there to provide his services. Stripping down, Coda comes out of the locker room wrapped in a towel, and rock hard, as is Drew. Sliding in the glory hole, both boys find it to be a "satisfying" experience; I wouldn't yank your chain about this matchup.

They play well as Drew blows "Filthy" first. Reciprocating, they then share a "drink at the bar," with Coda tasting the "house special." Moving to a more fitting spot to "tour" Drew, Coda samples what is "offered." Horny and "up for a ride," Drew "slings along;" these sexy twinks rattle one another's chains, hard. Ready to blow his abundant load, Coda drenches Drew's smooth backside. Lying together, Coda then witnesses Drew's "copiousness," as the jizz hits the leather. At the end, we added some of the more "blown" moments between these boys.

Editor's Note: A deleted scenes, extended version of this hot interaction will be "cumming." No special effects, just the "ins and outs."