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Shosei Takes Control When He Plows Keiji

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Handsome Shosei stops by to visit Keiji and immediately his hands begin roaming all over the lean tan bottom. He rubs the firm packed crotch of Keiji's briefs and flicks his tongue across his sensitive nipples. Keiji rolls over on top to suck on Shosei, peeling down his black shorts and filling his mouth with the young stud's hard insistent woody. Now roaring hard, Shosei takes charge, sucks Keiji's dick and guides them into a sensuous 69. They kiss tenderly and passionately, ready for more.

Shosei tentatively probes a finger into Keiji, who lubes up and straddles him to get his dick inside. He rides and grinds against Shosei's big prick, then Shosei guides his buddy onto his back and raises his legs to plow in. Keiji throws his head back and groans with pleasure when Shosei grabs his hips and firmly pumps in to the hilt, places his hands on Keiji's abs to steady himself. He pulls out and positions near Keiji's face to spray the young guy with sticky juice from face to crotch. Keiji loves being in Shosei's control, so lets him stroke his own dick to a well-needed explosion of hot cum.