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Halloween Treat for Fuji and Kento

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It's an October dream come true when manly stud Kento gets a bedtime visit from a caped count in the form of boyish top Fuji. Waking up from a sexy dream, Kento gets the oral action that gets his cock into gear when Fuji drops the fright mask and goes to work on that long thick cock. Kento is lean and classic, with a scruffy goatee and tight hairy thighs. He reciprocates with a deep sex-fueled blowjob and enjoys the sight, smell and taste of Fuji's dick. It's clear that Kento loves cock and wants to feel it up his hole.

Still in his vampire cape, Fuji licks the smooth downy black hair along Kento's ass crack, then plunges in with a slippery finger or three. Kento is hot and ready. Down on all fours with his ass jutting out behind him, Kento welcomes Fuji's prick with a smooth sigh. Fuji pounds hard and steady, while Kento enters a sex-crazed world of his own. Pushing aside the cape Fuji gets down to business, missionary-style. Kento starts beating faster, timed with the rhythm of Fuji's fast strokes, then climbs on top where he can set the pace. Starting slow and deep, Kento speeds up as the need to blast becomes urgent.

Fuji sucks a nipple while playing Kento's straining cock like a musical instrument. It spurts out a drizzle of thick white cream that's matched by Fuji's splash shot across his pubes just a moment later.