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Jotaro and Yamato Snuggle and Suck

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Jotaro wakes from a nap with Yamato horny and ready to rumble. Underwear comes down and Yamato is on Jotaro's dick in no time, licking and sucking. Still groggy, Jotaro rolls over and gropes Yamato's cock in his briefs, getting a firm handful of fine Japanese love muscle. He works down Yamato's black briefs and sucks the cock of the lean, tan stud.

The two plaster their mouths all over each other's pricks in a sensuous 69, and Yamato fingers Jotaro's hungry butt. His legs fly up as he responds to Yamato's expert attention. Jotaro uses his hands and mouth on Yamato, twiddles his tight brown nips. Yamato loves the juicy blowjob and sprays a thick glaze of cum across Jotaro's chest. He returns the favor and lies beneath Jotaro, jacking and sucking his thick love pole. Jotaro takes over with his beating fist to splatter sticky sperm on his buddy. The sleepy but happy studs take to the shower and soap each other squeaky clean after a tender morning session.