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Hairy Boy Ryuzaki

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20-year old Ryuzaki comes to Tokyo from the North and Hokkaido. He's gay and versatile and eager to do a scene for Japanboyz, starting with this solo. His scruffy beard should be a tipoff that underneath his jeans and crisp Japan t-shirt is a lean body covered with downy black hair.

Lying on the bed in a pair of yellow briefs, Ryuzaki shows off a sexy black treasure trail, thick pubes and a completely hairy ass. He fingers his hole and rubs his taint as he deftly beats his cock. Turning over to sit and the head of the bed against the wall, he lets us watch the smooth foreskin glide over the head.

Brushing a hand over his furry nuts, Ryuzaki keeps up a steady pace as he pumps his dick. His breathing quickens to a pant as his prick tightens up and sprays cum. His beating hand is sticky and drenched with hot creamy man juice as he lies back to relax.