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Fuji's New Boy Sano

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Japanboyz' popular model Fuji has brought in his new pet, an 18-year old he picked up on the street who is very devoted to him. Sano is young and inexperienced, but with a teacher like sexy Fuji he will pick up a few sexy tricks right away! As soon as their clothes come off Sano gets his mouth around Fuji's cock and nibbles at his manly chest.

Fuji is quick to return the favor, slurping up the young man's dick then flicking his tongue along his furry ass crack. Sano wears an expression of dreamy delight as Fuji devotes some attention to turning him on. When he smoothly drives a few fingers into his horny butt, Sano responds with an open-mouthed groan and a stiffening prick.

Fuji applies a dollop of lube to his hard cock, works his way into his boy's hole. Holding Sano's knees wide apart, he plows in with short hard strokes then slows down to smoothly slide in and out. He pulls out to beat his dick a few times and milk out a long sticky stream of cum that splashes onto Sano's belly. Sano's load is an eruption of sharp spurts that shoot all the way to his face. He smiles with satisfaction at this first scene with his new man.