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Yusaku Has His Way With Ryuzaki

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Resident alternative badboy Yusaku has a charm that appeals to sweet innocent types like Ryuzaki. he leans forward and plants a big kiss on Ryu, twiddles his nips then drops his towel and climbs on top. He may be bad but he feels oh, so good! Ryuzaki lies back with eyes closed like a young hero getting despoiled by a handsome cad. Yusaku reaches under his towel, pulls out Ryuzaki's cock and swallows it down.

He sits up and guides Ryu to lick his long thick dick, runs his fingers through the sweet young thing's soft straight hair. When Ryuzaki lies back on the bed Yusaku lifts back his legs and gives his crack a series of long sensuous licks, gently works a finger into the tingling, wet hole. He stretches the condom over another finger and pumps them both into Ryuzaki. A fresh condom rolls down over Yusaku's hard prick and he places it squarely on Ryuzaki's ass.

Ryuzaki sighs and breathes deep as the long, slick meat slides into him. Yusaku bobs up and down into the young man's tender ass and they twine their limbs around each other. He rocks back so that Ryuzaki is on top and riding him, placing both hands around his back to guide him straight and deep onto the hot throbbing meat.

Ryuzaki rolls over onto his stomach in an ultimate submission, offers his ass to the tough, stronger boy. Yusaku pounds his prick in deep, holding Ryu's hands down against the crisp white sheets. He pulls out to give Ryuzaki a chance to catch up, and soon Ryu is spraying cum all over his pubes and nuts. Yusaku beats off with a vengeance, spasming out a thick series of spurts from his heavy pierced cock. His spent dick still twitches as they smile and wave goodnight to the camera.