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Hot Bedtime Story for Hideaki

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Hideaki and Ryuzaki are under the covers saying goodnight when something pops up. They should be getting some sleep for a tough workday tomorrow, but when dick is calling, all the boys answer that call. Sheets and covers come down and Hideaki is on top of his buddy, pulling down his briefs and getting a mouthful of horny cock.

Ryuzaki is tired at first but perks up with a hot mouth on his woody. He yanks down Hideaki's blue undershorts and sucks him till he's good and hard. Climbing on top, he rubs his crotch into Hideaki, then both boys jerk each other's pricks. It's obvious that Hide is turned on -- hard, horny and down to fuck. Ryuzaki is not one to turn down an assful of stiff cock, so he straddles Hideaki and gets his ass eaten and licked till he's wet and open.

Hideaki plows in with a finger at first, slicking Ryu's hole and ass crack. Two fingers follow, showing that his buddy is loosened up and prepared for a hard fuck. He rolls on a condom, lubes up his cock and insistently works it into his horny friend. Grabbing Ryu by the hips, he keeps his dick buried in to the root. When he feels Ryuzaki relax around his cock, he begins pumping.

The horny boys roll over and Ryuzaki takes his turn on top riding. He loves the feel of his ass slapping down onto Hide's ball sack and the hard cock pressed straight up inside him. Both guys speed up, driven to cum and shoot their big wads. They lie next to each other beating off, both close to spurting their hot sticky juice. Ryu shoots first, coating his cock and splattering creamy splashes on his hairy belly. Hideaki only takes a few strokes more before he's exploding all over his abs. He thanks Ryu for the hot fuck and finally, it's time for lights out.